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AI destination management

06 Jun 2024





The SmartGuide SME has developed the ‘SmartGuide platform’ that connects two audiences: Content Authors (the company’s partners/clients) and Travelers (end users). Content Authors include, among others, tourist destinations, municipalities, and tour operators. End users are independent travellers who want to learn more about a specific tourist place.

SmartGuide has developed a cost-effective and user-friendly technology to develop and promote tourist destinations’ guides to visitors, which brings travellers to the platform for free. The company also provides support in content creation and extra functions such as analytics and ad hoc data to optimize the digital experience.

Digital techniques/tools and methodology

SmartGuide uses big data to help tourist destinations, municipalities and other clients to optimize their in-destination experience and to provide personalized recommendations to travellers, thus digitizing tour guides as avatars in Augmented Reality.

SmartGuide is also integrating an AI-powered chatbot to develop a fully virtual guide that is readily available in every phone. Unlike other travel Apps, SmartGuide is a platform and emerging guide marketplace with a unique B2B2C model which allows scalability that other similar Apps lack.

Furthermore, SmartGuide uses AI for preparing the content easily in 30 languages and it has been training AI to create and pilot personalized users’ profiles, showing content based on user preferences.

Results and benefits

Tourist destinations and municipalities usually spend 6-12 months and €100k-€1M developing their own guide Apps that later might be difficult to manage and maintain in the long-term period.

The ready-made SmartGuide platform enables tourist attractions, destinations, and tour operators to publish digital travel guides in few days, with minimum or even no budget and with much better quality and adoption (tourists prefer one App for hundreds of destinations than a single App for each destination they visit).

Besides guiding tourists independently also to less visited places, SmartGuide provides clients with unique big data analytics and entire smart destination management solutions.