19 de July de 2023 editor_euroemotur

Did you miss the Lauch Call for SMEs Webinar in Spanish?

19 Jul 2023

Tuesday, July 18, 2023, 13:00 (Canary Islands time)

The Euro-emotur project held a successful webinar in Spanish last Tuesday, with the aim of launching a call addressed to Spanish SMEs interested in participating in this initiative. The event was attended by prominent speakers and aroused great interest among the tourism sector.

The project coordinator, Sergio Moreno Gil, together with Tatiana David Negre, communications and events coordinator, and Pablo Llinares, Managing Director of Gran Canaria Tourism, headed the panel of speakers. During the webinar, they presented the details of the call, explained the benefits of participating in the Euroemotur project and answered questions from the audience.

The call for SMEs seeks to promote collaboration and exchange of experiences in the field of neuromarketing. The Euro-emotur project aims to foster the development of sustainable tourism destinations, taking into account the emotions and experience of tourists in Europe, through the implementation of innovative promotion and management strategies.

The webinar aroused great interest among SMEs in the Spanish tourism sector, who registered and actively participated in the online session. During the event, the importance of SME participation in driving the transformation of traditional tourism towards more emotional and personalized experiences was highlighted.