20 de October de 2023 editor_euroemotur

End of Euro-emotur week in Finland

20 Oct 2023

End of the Euro-emotour Week in Finland! Haaga-Helia, our partner, hosted the event in Helsinki.

Helsinki – The Euro-emotourism Week in Finland came to an exciting conclusion on 19 October, after four days of intense collaboration and activities in the Finnish capital. The event, organised by our partner Haaga-Helia, proved to be a great success, with significant progress in the project.

The Euro-emotour Week took place from 16-19 October and brought together various stakeholders from the tourism industry and technology, with the aim of promoting innovation and collaboration in the sector. During the event, a number of key activities took place that contributed to the overall success:

(Matchmaking Events): These matchmaking events allowed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to connect with technology companies, opening up new opportunities for collaboration and joint project development.

Reporting and Follow Up: Constant monitoring and accurate reporting are essential in any project. During Euro-emotur Week, follow-up sessions were held and detailed reports were generated to ensure that the project is on track.

Online matchaming event for service providers: In addition to the matchmaking events mentioned above, an online event was organised exclusively for tourism service providers. This allowed companies and tourism service providers to connect in a virtual environment.

Local Industry Visit: Participants also had the opportunity to visit local businesses in the tourism industry, giving them a unique insight into operations and innovation on the ground.

The event brought together industry experts and leaders, resulting in valuable collaboration and significant progress in the Euro-emotour project. Euro-emotour Week has established itself as an essential forum for promoting innovation and collaboration in the tourism industry and technology in Europe.

The Euro-emotur consortium hopes that the achievements of this event will further boost the industry and lay a solid foundation for future development and collaboration projects in the tourism sector.

Euro-emotour Week in Finland has proven to be a successful and productive event that will contribute to the continued growth and development of the tourism industry in Europe through neuromarketing techniques. Stay tuned for the next editions and exciting developments to come!