EURO-EMOTUR Hub Launches to Empower European Tourism SMEs and Stakeholders

The EURO-EMOTUR Hub, a digital platform aimed at revolutionising the European tourism landscape, was officially launched on April 22nd. This initiative marks a significant step forward in empowering SMEs, technology suppliers, tourism labs (BSOs), relevant tourism institutions in the EU, and clusters and associations within the tourism sector.

The EURO-EMOTUR Hub offers a wide array of benefits tailored to its diverse user base:

  1. SMEs: access to self-assessment tools, best practices, innovative solutions, networking opportunities, training resources, and exclusive events to drive digital transformation and business growth.
  2. Technology Suppliers: Collaboration opportunities with SMEs, exposure to innovative projects, and a platform to showcase cutting-edge solutions for the tourism industry.
  3. Tourism Labs (BSOs): A central role in connecting SMEs with technological solutions, fostering innovation, and driving cross-sectoral cooperation within the Euro-Emotur ecosystem.
  4. Tourism Businesses in the EU: Opportunities to Enhance Digital Skills, Explore New Business Models, and Engage in Transnational Cooperation to Stay Competitive in the Digital Age.
  5. EU Relevant Tourism Institutions: Access to a comprehensive platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and staying updated on digital trends and initiatives within the EU tourism sector.
  6. Clusters and associations: a hub for collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships to promote sustainable growth and digital excellence across the European tourism landscape.

The EURO-EMOTUR Hub was launched during an engaging webinar and matchmaking event, featuring insights from key figures in the project:

  • Sergio Moreno Gil, Project Lead at ULPGC-Tides, and Valeria Cabra, Project Assistant at ULPGC-Tides, provided an overview of the hub’s functionalities and benefits.
  • Partners from Haaga Helia (Kristian Sievers) and CISET (Federica Montaguti) shared perspectives on cooperation within the EURO-EMOTUR ecosystem.
  • ETOA’s Arran Wiltshire presented the matchmaking process, highlighting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

For those who missed the launch webinar, a tutorial on how to use the platform is available here.

The launch webinar concluded with a dynamic Q&A session, emphasising the collaborative spirit and shared goals of the Euro-Emotur community.

Join the EURO-EMOTUR Hub today and unlock a world of digital innovation, collaboration, and growth in the European tourism sector.