EURO-EMOTUR project represents an opportunity to change the game in the European tourism industry through the digital transition.

This project connects the SMEs with digital technologies through people (tourists’ emotions) and knowledge (labs).

EURO-EMOTUR main goal is to boost the uptake of digitalisation and innovation by tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and capacity building. This will lead to generating a digital innovation ecosystem and hub and improving their competitiveness in the market through digitalization. This project pays special attention to neuromarketing techniques to boost the digital reputation of SMEs and increase their performance and KPIs both in the short and long term.

The project in numbers






Pilot regional clusters


SMEs will be contacted


SMEs are expected to benefit

This project will guide to advances in:

  • Developing a new mindset for SMEs to face the digital ecosystem, Upskill and reskill
  • Customize their visitor experience through new technology possibilities and the mentoring from tourism labs (BSO).
  • Improve competencies to succeed in direct marketing their services using neuromarketing techniques (virtual reality, face coding, eye tracking, EEG).
  • Drafting new products and services and business models.
  • Fostering innovative solutions through public-private partnerships connecting SMEs (including peer to peer learning), technology suppliers, tourism labs, and tourism regions.