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Consejería de Turismo, Industria y Comercio (OTC. Victur)

20 Jun 2022

Under the superior direction of the Councillor of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, the Vice Council of Tourism is the organ in charge of the direction and coordination of the competitions in the matter of infrastructure, arrangement and tourist promotion. It has been assigned the following generic competences:

  • The coordination in the elaboration of the provisions of general character in the matters related to tourism.
  • The elaboration of the instruments of strategic or programmatic content in the areas of its competence, previous hearing of the Island Councils.
  • The promotion of training and improvement alternatives for tourism professionals.

Specifically, it has the following competences:

  • The impulse, coordination and pursuit of the tourist information system.
  • The impulse of the systems of control of the quality and its coordination with the plans and campaigns of inspection of companies, activities and tourist establishments.
  • The emission of sectorial reports related to the tourist infrastructure and business performance.

The Canary Islands Tourism Observatory is a member of the UNWTO NETWORK OF OBSERVATORIES (INSTO)

There are several entities dependent on this partner: Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of which, the most related to monitoring tourism are the Tourism Observatory and Promotur:

  • The Tourism Observatory of the Canary Islands is the technical body in charge of the study and monitoring of tourism with the support of a Tourism Information System.
  • Promotur is the public owned firm in charge of tourism promotion and coordination.
  • Tourism Council of the Canary Islands: an advisory body for tourism policy with representatives of the public-probate sector and economic and social agents.
  • The Agency for Tourism Quality is a body supporting the quality of the tourism sector.
  • The Commission for Tourism Professional Training is an advisory and study body for tourism education.
  • Hecansa is a public owned firm in charge of providing tourism education and in charge of hotel schools.

The creativity, strategy and effectiveness of Canary Islands Tourism actions have been acknowledged at multiple festivals and contests as a reference in the industry in tourism communication: https://turismodeislascanarias.com/en/awards/

Canary Islands Tourism Board – Observatory will lead WP 6 (communication and dissemination and reporting on the SMEs’ improvements in the uptake of digitalization)

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