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Turismo de Gran Canaria

20 Jun 2022

General information on the institutional, historical and economic aspects of the entity.

Turismo de Gran Canaria is an autonomous public organization, created by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, whose main mission is to protect the tourist interests of the island, the basis of the economic development of Gran Canaria.

The activity of Turismo de Gran Canaria is developed under the commitment to maintain Gran Canaria as a first class tourist destination; directing, planning and developing policies in accordance with the changes in the markets.

The functions entrusted to Turismo de Gran Canaria go beyond the tasks of a destination marketing organization, and also include the administrative management of a sector, tourism, on which the island’s economy is growing. The lines on which the tasks of Turismo de Gran Canaria are structured are, therefore, the external promotion of Gran Canaria, the continuous improvement of the destination and the public management of the island’s tourism system.

Turismo de Gran Canaria focuses its work on direct and active collaboration with the island’s business sector, as well as with the different levels of the island, regional and national administration.

In the area of external promotion, the basis of our activity, we develop the activities of a destination marketing agency, with actions for a multitude of markets. Likewise, we work in the permanent development of the different products that make up our offer and in the tourism improvement projects that are generated in the island, in coordination with other public administrations.

Turismo de Gran Canaria is also the company in charge of managing the administrative files related to the island’s tourist establishments, a function that allows us to monitor the situation of the sector and to know the changes that originate from the destination’s activity.

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