15 de July de 2022 celr_admin

Ready, set, GO! The call for SMEs is open. Apply today

15 Jul 2022

Are you an SME in the European tourism sector and looking to boost your business?

Congratulations! because here you have a project with European funds that will be in charge of financing your company and boosting it so that you can benefit from the maximum amount of
monetary support.

You may wonder what our objectives are?

  • Reinforcing transnational and cross-border cooperation, in particular integration of tourism businesses and stakeholders in transnational and inter-regional innovation ecosystemsto enable smart and sustainable growth of tourism SMEs.
  • FosteringSMEs’ capacityand skills to improve their use of new digital technologies,resultingin new business models in tourism.
  • Fostering innovative solutions for improving tourismmanagement and the tourism. offer through cooperationwithin the tourism ecosystem, including public-private partnership

What do we want to help you with?

Boosting skills and knowledge transfer activities and Providing/implementing technical support activities related toincubation, acceleration and scaling-up of tourism SMEs.