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Turn any door into a smart door

06 Jun 2024

Ringo d.o.o.




The Ringo device is a device that is installed on the inside of the door. It can turn any door into a smart door, which means one can control it remotely. One can open it remotely for your guests, cleaning service, deliveries… or share a digital key with the upcoming guests. Guests can enter on their own at their time and convenience.

Digital techniques/tools and methodology

Ringo is a smart controller that can be placed on any door and connected to intercom system in the building. With Ringo you can open tourist building and apartment doors, remotely or share a digital key with guests. You monitor every entry and can even integrate Ringo with channel manager software for automated check-in of your guests.

Results and benefits

Less steps, less work, optimising automation of business processes and transparency of entries. Guests are more satisfied with a simple check-in process and on the other hand also hosts while not being stressed waiting for guests.