5 de July de 2022 celr_admin

BREAKING NEWS! We have made it. TIDES-EMOTUR lab of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has the opportunity to lead the Euro-emotur Project.

05 Jul 2022

The University of Las Palmas lead the Euro-emotur Project

Are you wondering what the Euroemotur Project is?

This interesting project is made by and for all those SMEs in the European tourism sector who want to see their business boosted. It is an opportunity that you can not take advantage of and if you are interested you can participate and be selected.

The University of Las Palmas has fought hard to achieve this project. “Euro-emotur: the Journey towards digitalization. Thinking digital tourism through neuromarketing and emotions“. Neuromarketing will change our current vision of tourism. There is no better way to understand the tourism sector than through the emotions and experience of tourists.

It’s a game changer for the tourism industry and you can benefit from it. The ULPGC will participate in this journey towards Neuromarketing together with its partners: NECSTOUR, ETOA, OTC VICTUR, HAAGA HELIA and CISET.Stay tuned to our social networks and our website for updates. Do not hesitate to contact us through our contact section of this website for any questions you may have.