27 de May de 2024 editor_euroemotur

Resounding success at the launch of the EURO-EMOTUR Hub: More than 50 participants live and many more via recordings!

27 May 2024

The launch of the EURO-EMOTUR Hub took place on April 22, marking an important milestone in the EURO-EMOTUR project’s journey towards the digital transformation of European tourism. The success of the event, with more than 50 live participants and a high number of views through the recordings, demonstrates the great interest in this initiative.

The EURO-EMOTUR Hub: A decisive boost for tourism SMEs

The Hub aims to boost the competitiveness of SMEs in the European tourism sector through digitalization. Its scope of action focuses on:

Strengthening the digital competencies of SMEs to enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital environment.
Fostering cross-sector collaboration to generate synergies and develop innovative solutions.
Implement cutting-edge digital solutions that enable companies to optimize their processes and improve the customer experience.
Design new tourism products and services adapted to the demands of the current market.
Expand business opportunities through transnational cooperation, creating connections at the European level.
Ensure the sustainability of actions beyond EU co-financing, laying the foundations for long-term growth.


The EURO-EMOTUR Hub: Your One-Stop-Shop for Digital Transformation

The Hub is positioned as a one-stop platform for SMEs in the tourism sector. It offers a range of services